Press Release 2011 Vol. 2
Mar 01, 2011

Pretec Debuts World's Smallest SSD - mSATA SSD、PDrive

Nuremberg, Germany March 1st, 2011 -Pretec, the pioneer of the smallest SSD in the world, from SRAM PCMCIA card (PC Card) since 1993, the creator of smallest PATA SSD in the world, MIDE (Mini-IDE, or Disk-On-Module) since 1997, and the smallest SATA SSD in the world, CFast, since 2009, continues its tradition to support long term industrial customers by revealing world’s smallest SATA SSD and PATA SSD for industrial and embedded applications, at Embedded World in Nuremberg (Hall 12, Booth 12-228) and CeBIT 2011 (Hall17, BoothG51) in Hannover.

Pretec mSATA SSD supports SATA signals over a PCI Express (PCIe) mini connector with sequential Read/Write speed up to 120MB/s, mini size version measured only 26.80 x 29.85mm, is the smallest SATA SSD in the world. Compliant with JEDEC MO300 Standard, Pretec also offers full size version of mSATA (50.80 x 29.85mm), available from 8GB ~ 64GB, Pretec mSATA SSD is equipped with 32MB SDRAM as data buffer to greatly increase performance and effectively reduce flash program/erase count to extend SSD lifetime. With 8 times smaller and weighs 10 times less than a typical 2.5” SATA SSD, Pretec mSATA SSD offers shorter time in OS installation, system boot-up, and quick response time in small file accessing, website browsing, application program execution, and much more rugged, reliable, and robust form factor than HDD, making it an ideal storage choice for industrial and embedded applications.

Pretec mSATA SSD connects easily to an existing mSATA port on a PC, enabling it to perform as a boot drive, quick access to frequently used applications or storage. With up to 16-bit Error Correction Code and innovative flash management schemes such as bad block management, wear leveling, etc, Pretec mSATA SSD will start sampling by this month.

Pretec PDrive is an embedded PATA SSD in LBGA package, with standard ATA/IDE interface supporting up to PIO Mode: ATA 0- 4, CF 0- 6, Multi-word DMA Modes 0- 2 and Ultra DMA Modes: ATA 0- 6, CF 0- 7. Measuring only 22 x 12 x 1.4mm, PDrive is the smallest SSD in the world with outstanding Read/Write speed performance expected to reach 85MB/s now and 133MB/s by 2nd half of this year, making it also the fastest PATA SSD in the world.

Pretec PDrive is very cost-effective, space-saving for applications requiring smaller and reliable data storage, such as portable and desktop computers, digital cameras, Set-top Box, MP3/ MP4 Player, Car Navigator, cellular phones, and monitoring devices. The capacities are available up to 32GB, Pretec PDrive is sampling now.


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