Embedded USB DOM 2.0

PRETEC Embedded USB Flash Disk is the ideal data storage device in any USB-capable systemorithms. PRETEC Embedded USB Flash Disk offers the speed and ease of the USB interface.

PRETEC Embedded USB Flash Disk is based on Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND flash technology  This technology is superior in its data storage characteristics, featuring the industry’s highest performance. Additionally, NAND flash technology is known for its high density and small die size, with the related cost and real estate benefits. MLC version is also available.

  • Performance: Transfer up to 30/25 MB/S
  • Capacity: 512MB ~ 8GB
  • Compatible with USB2.0/1.1
  • Supports Dual-Channel and interleave mode
  • Write-Protect switch

Embedded USB DOM 2.0
Capacity Part No.
     512MB      UDU512-HR1
     1GB      UDU01G-HR1
     2GB      UDU02G-HR1
     4GB      UDU04G-HR1
     8GB      UDU08G-HR1