Linear Flash Card

Pretec's Linear Flash card is a PC card flash memory format used in network routers, load-balance equipments and telecoms equipments. Linear Flash card is different from SRAM Card because it requires no battery support, and features read/write speed much faster than similar but less expensive ATA-type cards (including CompactFlash and Memory Stick.) Just like SRAM card, Linear Flash card supports Execute In Place (XIP) applications in mobile PC and embedded equipment.

Combined with file management software such as Flash Translation Layer (FTL) or Flash File System, the Linear Flash cards provide removable disk emulation. As PCMCIA card, Linear Flash card should have a Card Information Structure (CIS). However, a lot of memory cards do not have a CIS. Standard cards contain separate 8KB EEPROM memory for CIS which can be used for easy identification of card characteristics. Moreover, its write-protect switch prevents over-writing valuable data.

Pretec also offers Linear Flash cards in capacities from 256KB to 16MB in standard (0°C - +70°C) or extended temperatures (-40°C - +85°C).

Capacity: 256KB-16MB

  • Dimensions : 85.6mm(L) x 54mm(W) x 3.3/5mm(H)
  • Optional atribute memory: 8KB E2PROM
  • Read voltage: 5V
  • Block structure: 128K or 256K

Flash Series I (Intel series I compatible) (0°C ~ +70°C)
Capacity Part No.
     256KB      F61256
     512KB      F61512
     1MB       F61001
     2MB       F61002

Flash Series I (Intel series I compatible)(-20°C ~ +85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     256KB      F61256-I
     512KB      F61512-I
     1MB       F61001-I
     2MB       F61002-I

Flash Series I (Intel series I compatible)(-40°C ~ +85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     256KB      F61256-E
     512KB      F61512-E
     1MB       F61001-E
     2MB       F61002-E

Flash Series II (Intel series II compatible) (0°C ~ +70°C)
Capacity Part No.
     2MB      F62002
     4MB      F62004
     8MB       F62008

Flash Series II (Intel series II compatible)(-20°C ~ +85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     2MB      F62002-I
     4MB      F62004-I
     8MB       F62008-I

Flash Series II (Intel series II compatible)(-40°C ~ +85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     2MB      F62002-E
     4MB      F62004-E
     8MB       F62008-E

Flash Series 5 (Alternative solution of Intel series II+) (0°C ~ +70°C)
Capacity Part No.
     2MB      F63002
     4MB      F63004
     8MB       F63008
     16MB       F63016

Flash Series 5 (Alternative solution of Intel series II+)(-20°C ~ +85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     2MB      F63002-I
     4MB      F63004-I
     8MB       F63008-I
     16MB       F63016-I