CF 1000X Series

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  • Best companion for high-end DSLR cameras and camcorders
  • Super fast read/write speed up to 150MB/75MB per second
  • Support Ultra DMA mode 0-7
  • Low power consumption with automatic power management


  • Dimensions :Type I : 36.4mm(L) x 42.8mm(W) x 3.3mm(H)
  • Operating Voltage : 3.3V ±5%; 5V ±10%
  • Durability : 10,000 insertion
  • Capacity : 16GB~128GB

CF 1000X
Capacity Part No.
     16GB       CFSP1016G
     32GB       CFSP1032G
     64GB       CFSP1064G
     128GB       CFSP10128G