i-Disk Rex 300

●  USB 3.0 SuperSpeed up to 5Gb/s
●  Ultra thin card-shaped, durable design
●  Attachable connector for enhanced convenience


Put SSD into your pocket

Pretec’s Rex 300 USB 3.0 flash drive marks a new breakthrough in the area of USB flash drives, providing unmatched capacities up to 128GB, at a record speed of blazing 200MB/s.

i-Disk Rex 300 is a real combination of style and technology with its unique card shape measuring only 8mm and classic hair line treatment enhancing the metallic glow of the surface. With small size and amazing performance, i-Disk Rex 300 allows users to easily carry it around, and slide it into their pocket after use. The special outlook-thin, small, and soft line let you enjoy hi-speed and simple fashion at the same time. It truly brings convenience to people’s life on the go.

Pretec furthermore provides a wide range of speedy and capacity combinations to offer solutions for the advanced amateur and users.


●  Capacity:32GB, 64GB, 128GB
●  Performance:High read/write speed up to 200/175 MB/s.
●  Removable USB 3.0 connector on main body

i-Disk Rex 300
Capacity Part No.
     32GB      REX32G-300
     64GB      REX64G-300
     128GB      REX128G-300

Description Language OS Size File Release Date Memo
i-Disk Rex 300 EDM English --- 350.42 KB 一 25, 2011
i-Disk Rex 300 Photo1 --- --- 11.27 KB 四 29, 2011
i-Disk Rex 300 Photo2 --- --- 13.80 KB 四 29, 2011
i-Disk Rex 300 Photo3 --- --- 23.74 KB 四 29, 2011