Press Release 2010 Vol. 7
六 01, 2010
Press Release 2010 Vol. 7

Faster and Bigger CFast Storage Card From Pretec Reaches 128GB

Taipei, Taiwan, June 1st 2010 - Pretec, the flash pioneer since 1993, offering the fastest USB flash drive (266X), the fastest CF card (567X and 667X), fastest SD card (SDHC 233X C16 and SDXC), and the fastest 2.5” SATA II SSD drives (P4000 SSD series, up to 300MB/s) in the world, continues breaking its own world record to offer the “Cool Memories! The Ultimate in Style & Speed” with the new generation CFast Storage Card “Hypersonic series”, the fastest, highest capacity, and most rugged CFast in the world, at Computex Taipei 2010 (TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Lower Exhibition Hall booth J317a).

Pretec unveiled at CES 2009 the1st generation CFast of 16GB and 32GB with transfer speed up to 100MB/s. By continuously focusing on innovative solutions to offer utmost performance of NAND Flash applications, the patent pending Pretec’s 2nd generation CFast “Hypersonic series” has reached the unparalleled speed, capacity and reliability. With the sequential performance up to 250MB/s in read, 110MB/s in write speed and dimension measured only 36mmx43mmX5.0mm, CFast Hypersonic is the smallest and fastest SATA II SSD in the world. Available in capacities from 16GB to 128GB, Pretec CFast Hypersonic is the highest capacity CFast in the world.

To address the reliability demand of the industrial applications, CFast Hypersonic also offers the optional ruggedized version, designed and constructed with precision mechanics and metal housing with superior ruggedness, making Pretec CFast Hypersonic the ideal storage solution for Industrial, embedded or PC users, such as IPC, Mobile Internet Device (MID), and Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) users who can now simultaneously obtain the desirable features of next generation fastest, smallest and reliable mobile storage.

CFast™ is developed by CompactFlash Association ( to break the speed limit from 133MB/s (PATA) to 375MB/s (SATA II) while keeping the small and popular original CF mechanical form factor. Pretec also offers CFast host connector and CFast to standard SATA adapter, so customers can evaluate or design-in CFast with ease. Pretec CFast Hypersonic will start sampling in June, with mass production scheduled by July of 2010.

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