Press Release 2009 Vol. 14
九 08, 2009

Pretec Unveils Enhanced Security Technology for Military &
Defense Storage-World's Most Efficient Data Self-Destruction SSD

"London, United Kingdom, Sept. 8th 2009 - Pretec, one of the earliest pioneers offering secure and reliable flash storage since 1993 and the creator of "UltimateGuardTM," the most seamless security solution for flash storage, continues to expand its portfolio by unveiling today the world's most efficient self-destruction SSD which requires only 0.1 second for enhanced information security required by the Military & Defense industry, at Defense Systems & Equipments International 2009 (Booth # xxxxxx).


The patented Pretec self-destruction technology is invented to fully safeguard confidential data from being tampered or stolen through unauthorized access. When the flash storage device is requested to quickly erase all of its contents in an urgent situation, it typically takes more than 20 seconds to complete for the fastest flash disk available today. In military operation, many times there won't be 20 seconds time for solders to erase all data inside the SSD, which makes enemies can potentially retrieve the confidential data easily once the SSD falls into hostile hand. Pretec's self-destruction SSD takes only 0.1 second. After the initiation of the self-destruction command, several layers of fast erase are kicked off till all data are destroyed. Such process of self-destructing mechanism cannot be aborted or stopped even if the storage device is removed.


Self-destruction technology can be implemented in various storage form factors SSD such as CF card, ATA flash card, MIDE card etc, to enable a ruggedized and secure medium for recording confidential data generated from military armors. The intent is to assure the topmost level of storage security without worrying about information leak, especially at war times when missiles or military vehicles are under competitors' control.


Also in Pretec's full-fledged security line-up are "UltimateGuard,"a multi-purpose solution combing antivirus and 256-bit AES encryption/decryption features; "Hardware 256-bit AES engine SSD" which includes USB flash, ExpressCrad and CF/ATA card; "Magic Chamber," a proprietary technology built upon access control which has the Anti-copy and invisible protected area features, and Biometrics Fingerprint management for personal data protection. With its long history, comprehensive data security flash solutions and innovative technology in the industrial flash storage business, Pretec is a leading provider of storage products designed specifically to meet customer's needs while they benefit from a better user experience with a low total cost ownership (TCO).

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