Press Release 2009 Vol. 12
六 02, 2009
Press Release 2009 Vol. 12

Pretec Exhibits the Most Comprehensive Offering of Industrial and Embedded SSD at Computex

Taipei, Taiwan June 2nd, 2009 -Pretec, one of the earliest pioneer to offer SRAM PCMCIA card (PC Card) since 1993 and the creator of MIDE (Mini-IDE, or Disk-On-Module), the smallest form factor of IDE flash disk in the world since 1997, continues its tradition to support long term industrial customers by unveiling a comprehensive offerings of industrial and embedded SSD solutions, at Computex Taipei 2009 (Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth # K110, K209, K114, K213).


Pretec has introduced the SRAM-based 64KB SSD and NOR Flash-based Linear Flash 256KB SSD in 1993, before the NAND flash commercially available in the market. Today Pretec is the leading SRAM and Linear Flash SSD provider in the world with maximum capacities of 16MB (SRAM) and 64MB (Linear flash), which are all for industrial applications, not only used as the purpose of industrial storage, but also used as the main or extended memory capable of "eXecute In Place (XIP)". New to Pretec's Computex exhibit of the linear Flash PC card is the 32MB/64MB card based on Intel/Sharp series II/II+ and AMD/Spansion series C/D flash chips.


The dual-battery SRAM PC card is a long-running line of Pretec's SSD product since 1993, compatible with those SRAM PC cards from Seiko Epson, Mitsubishi Electric, and Panasonic, Pretec dual-battery SRAM PC cards includes one large capacity replaceable main battery and a small rechargeable battery for retaining the power while the main battery is being replaced; capacity ranging from 256KB to 8MB, Pretec has the longest supply history and is the largest volume manufacturer in the category of dual-battery SRAM PC card in the world today. 16MB SRAM PC card is newly added to Pretec's dual-battery SRAM PC Card product line, to be the largest capacity of SRAM PC Card in the world today. Exact 2KB or 8KB attribute memory are also available upon request for customer's special applications.


Compliant with the PCMICA/JEIDA industry standard specifications, Pretec SRAM PC Card has the features of high speed and endurable read/write, together with byte-programmable, easy interface and programming, it has been adopted by thousands of embedded and/or industrial applications all over the world. Complemented by the new Pretec single Rechargeable-battery SRAM PC card (up to 16MB) which was released at Embedded World earlier this year in March, at Nuremberg Germany, which is compatible with those SRAM PC Cards from Centennial/Smart Modular and White Electronic Designs (WEDC); Pretec now is the only company in the world offering both single rechargeable and dual-battery SRAM PC Cards.


Although Pretec is the 2nd company in the world offering CompactFlash card (2MB and 4MB) in 1996, Pretec is the 1st company in the world to implement in NAND Flash technology (SanDisk was using Serial-NOR based proprietary technology in 1996). Pretec Secure CF card is the only one in the world to have standard CF/ATA interface together with enhanced security feature for mission critical applications, the ruggedized PCMCIA/ATA card, CF card, USB Flash drive are all created by Pretec for reliability minded industrial customers as the 1st such provider in the world. Also in Computex fairground, Pretec is demonstrating the revolutionary 1TB SSD, continuously demonstrates Pretec's leadership in the evolution of industrial and embedded SSD. From 64KB SSD in 1993, to 2MB CF card in 1996, 100GB CF card in 2009, and 1TB SSD in 2009, the history of growth of Pretec SSD capacity represents the growth of Flash industry.

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