Press Release 2009 Vol. 8
三 31, 2009
Press Release 2009 Vol. 8

Pretec Ships High Speed eSATA/USB SSD With Power Over eSATA Implementation

"San Jose, California March 31st, 2009 - Pretec, the creator of world's smallest USB drive and pioneer of SSD technology innovation, today introduced 32GB/64GB eSATA/USB dual interface SSD with "Power Over eSATA" feature at the Embedded Systems Conference 2009 (CFA Booth #2220) in San Jose, California.


The first SSD in the world to implement "Power Over eSATA" specification-the new initiative approved by SATA-IO (Serial ATA International Organization, in 2008, Pretec eSATA/USB SSD enables power delivery without the need for an additional power connection. With such an enhanced level of convenience, users can focus more on the high speed transfer experience when storing large music, photo, or data files. A new member to Pretec's Dual-Interface product family "Cobra," Pretec eSATA/USB SSD has an eSATA connector on one side and a USB connector on the other for ubiquitous USB-equipped PCs/Equipments/Embedded Systems. Unlike traditional eSATA connector which requires external power supply, Pretec eSATA/USB SSD adopts the "Power Over eSATA" specification and thus eliminates the need for an additional power connection. Power can be delivered right from the host device when eSATA is plugged in the host device, resulting in optimized storage convenience and efficiency for users.


With the Read/Write speed of 90/60 MB/s using eSATA connection, Pretec eSATA/USB SSD is the fastest in the world for the category of small size SSD. *For example, to backup a half-loaded 120GB Hard Disk Drive from a notebook computer takes about 30 minutes using Pretec eSATA/USB SSD while it will take more than 3 hours if using typical USB flash drive available in the market today. Along with low power consumption and capacities up to 64GB, this fulfills professional users' needs to store large files, such as photos, music and movie clips at a higher speed and a shorter waiting time.


Moreover, four channel technology and optimized firmware making the USB connection speed of Pretec eSATA/USB SSD one of the fastest in the world, which further enhances the value added nature of Pretec eSATA/USB SSD which has started shipping this month. With its long history and innovative technology in the storage business, Pretec is a leading provider of storage products designed specifically to meet customer's needs while they benefit from a better user experience with a low total cost ownership (TCO).


Note: speed performance varies depending on different testing models and environments.

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