Press Release 2009 Vol. 5
三 03, 2009
Press Release 2009 Vol. 5

Pretec Demonstrates World's Largest Capacity & First ExpressCard SSD with Hardware-based AES256 Enc

"Hannover and Nuremberg, Germany March 3rd, 2009 - Pretec, one of the earliest pioneer to offer SRAM PCMCIA card (PC Card) since 1993 and the creator of MIDE (Mini-IDE, or Disk-On-Module), the smallest form factor of IDE flash disk in the world since 1997, today demonstrates 64GB and 128GB ExpressCard SSD, the largest capacity and world's first ExpressCard SSD with hardware-based AES256 Encryption/Decryption, simultaneously at CeBIT (Booth Hall21/D83) and the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference (Booth Hall9, Stand128) here at Nuremberg.

A new member to Pretec's Dual-Interface product family also dubbed "Cobra," Pretec ExpressCard SSD features a dual interface design combining an ExpressCard socket on one side for laptops and a mini-USB socket on the other side for ubiquitous USB-equipped PCs/Equipments /Embedded Systems. With low power consumption, high speed access, and capacities up to 64GB/128GB, the largest capacity ExpressCard/34 SSD in the world, it is ideal as a mobile storage solution for portable devices such as Sub-Notes, Mobile Internet Device (MID), Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) and for embedded systems adopt the Express Card form factor. Features design-in of the world's 1st hardware-based AES256 encryption/Decryption, Pretec ExpressCard SSD provides users with easy and seamless protection from unauthorized access that meets their high-standard requirement in military-grade data security without the need/burden of complex encryption software in the host system.

The ExpressCardTM Standard, created by PCMCIA (, is the next generation of PC Card technology used in more than 95% of all notebook computers for adding new hardware capabilities. Designed to deliver high-performance, modular expansion to both desktop and notebook computers at a lower cost and in a smaller form factor, the ExpressCardTM builds on the success of the PC Card and CardBus Standard, provides reliability, durability and expansion flexibility while offering improved performance.
Pretec ExpressCard SSD adopts the small form ExpressCard/34 module with dimension of 34mmX75mmX5mm. The hot-swap capability is the same with PC Card and USB interfaces, however, the steadiness and reliability of ExpressCard module rest inside the host system is much better than the extruding USB dongle. With the 1st generation of Read/Write speed up to 38/30 MB/s, Pretec ExpressCard SSD up to 64GB/128GB is sampling to PC and embedded customers now, with volume delivery scheduled from April, 2009.

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