Press Release 2009 Vol. 4
三 03, 2009

Pretec Reveals 16MB Rechargeable SRAM Card - World's Largest Capacity SRAM Card

"Hannover and Nuremberg, Germany March 3rd, 2009 - Pretec, one of the earliest pioneer to offer SRAM PCMCIA card (PC Card) since 1993 and the creator of MIDE (Mini-IDE, or Disk-On-Module), the smallest form factor of IDE flash disk in the world since 1997, continues its history of innovation by unveiling today the rechargeable 16MB SRAM PC card, simultaneously at CeBIT (Booth Hall21/D83 ) and at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference (Booth Hall9, Stand128) here at Nuremberg .

Pretec rechargeable SRAM PC card is a complement line of Pretec's long-running dual-battery SRAM PC cards since 1993. Compatible with those SRAM PC cards from Seiko Epson, Mitsubishi Electric, and Panasonic, Pretec dual-battery SRAM PC cards includes one large capacity replaceable main battery and a small rechargeable battery for retaining the power while the main battery is being replaced; capacity ranging from 64KB to 8MB, Pretec has the longest supply history and is the largest volume manufacturer in the category of dual-battery SRAM PC card in the world today, supplying to thousands of industrial and/or embedded systems all over the world. New Pretec rechargeable SRAM PC card uses only single rechargeable battery to be the main battery, which is compatible with those SRAM PC Cards from Centennial/Smart Modular and White Electronic Designs (WEDC). With 16MB memory, Pretec 16MB SRAM PC Card provides the world's largest storage space available in the industry.

High speed and endurable Read/Write, byte-programmable, easy interface and programming are major features of SRAM PC Card, yet it is based on volatile memory technology so battery backup is needed for data retention, Pretec now is the only company in the world offering both single rechargeable and dual-battery SRAM PC Cards. Other than the option of ruggedized version with sturdy metal housing construction, Pretec rechargeable SRAM PC card features double (standard) to quadruple (optional) battery power compared with any other players in the industry, making user's data 200% to 400% more secured if the card were not inserted in the system for extended period of time.

Compliant with the PCMICA/JEIDA industry standard specifications Pretec rechargeable 16MB SRAM PC Card features a high speed of 120ns access time, to be the fastest, the highest capacity, and the most reliable SRAM PC Card in the world. With the experience of developing SRAM + FLASH PC Card for Siemens, and SRAM + DRAM Card for Ricoh, Pretec can also engage in customized memory PC Card solution development upon request. Pretec rechargeable 16MB SRAM PC Card is sampling now and will start volume shipping by next month.

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