Press Release 2009 Vol. 2
一 16, 2009
Press Release 2009 Vol. 2

Pretec Presents Breathtaking Valentine's Day Gifts

"Taipei, Taiwan. January 16th, 2009 -- Pretec, the pioneer of world's smallest USB flash drive, reveals today unique USB flash drive choices to gift your beloved ones. Aware of the fact that no matter how long a couple have been together, finding just the right present to your dear one can be a challenging prospect, Pretec has prepared USB flash drives that fit all types of lovers.

To satisfy comic's lover couples, Pretec introduces i-Disk Pocket Valentine's Day edition. Displaying an extremely pleasant image of two cute pigs and a heart figure, this card-shaped USB flash drive can be carried in places such as your wallet, assuring that your love partner will always remember you and will always be able to see your love memories with a singular enjoyable feeling of unequaled taste.
i-Disk Pocket capacity is up to 4GB, guaranteeing enough space to store your once in a life moments.


Following the pattern of cuteness, i-Disk Stinky Tofu Valentine's edition comes featuring the sweetest tofu couple, Rosy and Smery. These two just dating USB flash drives couple will bring so much fun to store your data knowing that your partner has the other version of yours. i-Disk Stinky Tofu Valentine's edition is one of the dainty gift choices Pretec offers during this Valentine's Day to pair up with your soul mate. Matching the different needs of storage space, i-Disk Stinky Tofu comes in capacity of 2GB for Smery and 4GB for Rosy.


While a dozen roses are nice, why not give your partner an exquisite gift with a deep meaning from oriental culture? i-Disk Charm-Love is inspired on the Japanese cultural idea of "love in bless". The combo of two USB flash drives comes in fortune bags colored pink and blue symbolizing a special protection for love. i-Disk Charm-Love is special designed as an accessory for mobile phone, allowing your love to always be protected by ancient traditions even when you both are talking over the phone. i-Disk Charm-Love' capacity is of 4GB, one can never get tired of storing happy times.


i-Disk Wave Sakura and i-Disk Wave Autumn USB flash drives sum up to be the ultimate modern gift for couple pursuing for combination and fashion. Since Valentine's Day is all about romance, let it be all around you by presenting yourself and your partner similar gadgets specially designed with season's flavor for giving your valentine as a constant remembrance. i-Disk Wave Sakura + i-Disk Wave Autumn is a combo promotional package, thus these USB flash drives cannot be bought separately. Just another way Pretec has found to preserve proximity to your valentine.


What better gift to say I love you than a shiny piece on Valentine's day? i-Disk Vogue is a USB flash drive that has an unmatchable design as a pendant, which allows it to be worn as a necklace constantly closed to the one you love. i-Disk Vogue's silver color and surface sparkles will make a surprise in this unforgettable event. Featuring a bright and polished look, i-Disk Vogue is the peerless present to show your commitment and lasting love that is such a beautiful addendum to the harmonized moment. Storage capacity is of 4GB.

All promotional items for Valentine's Day are available for purchase through Pretec's worldwide distributors. Please refer to the Where to Buy section at Pretec's website ( to find the distribution channel in your territory.

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