Press Release 2008 Vol. 6
十二 17, 2008
Press Release 2008 Vol. 6

Pretec i-Disk Smery Pretec Discloses Theme USB Flash Drive

"December 17th, 2008 -- Pretec, the pioneer of world's smallest USB flash drive, releases i-Disk Smery, the newfangled thematic USB flash drive. Based on the human to-fu famous character created by the designing team DEVILROBOTS/PHALANX and licensed by Pumpkin Creative Inc, Pretec launches i-Disk Smery. The blend of the action figure of Smery and USB functionality makes of i-Disk Smery the origin mark for the successful representation of the tofu series members' characteristic by USB flash drives.

Smery's creation is based on the abundant lore of stinky tofu, a very famous Taiwanese staple, throughout Eastern culture. Nevertheless, being born of a gastronomic concept, i-Disk Smery is dedicated for fervent stinky tofu lovers. On the other hand, i-Disk Smery raises the desire and curiosity from enthusiastic people and fans for thematic devices by having its design resembling the very cute and peerless Smery figure.

As well as honoring the hold-your-nose fermented stinky tofu Asian delicacy, i-Disk Smery also has a special tale. The story goes that when there was a stinky tofu stand at the night market in Taiwan Smery surprisingly puffed out as a tiny fairy. He smelled so bad that, since then, he is on a journey searching for the perfect scent of stinky tofu.

With two different packaging and accessories versions, i-Disk Smery is able to satisfy different customer needs. In a transparent blister and with the cutest Smery cardboard, i-Disk Smery is displayed as an unique dainty Smery face USB flash drive. Whereas,i-Disk Smery also comes in a singular package altogether with one Smery tofu-head figure for collection lovers.

i-Disk Smery is available in 4GB and 8GB capacities and it comes with an extra plastic case for USB protection.

With the same success of Smery and his friends, Pretec will also soon launch i-Disk Smery featuring additional figures of the series such as Smery's dog, Sniffy, and others.

Enjoy the fun of data storage!

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