Press Release 2008 Vol. 4
十二 17, 2008
Press Release 2008 Vol. 4

Pretec i-Disk Titan-Newest Health Oriented USB Flash Drive Fusion of Health and Fashion

"December 17th, 2008 -- Pretec, the pioneer of world's smallest USB flash drive, with its continuous pursuit for innovation is again awing the world by presenting i-Disk Titan, the newest health oriented USB flash drive. i-Disk Titan features high technology and science to promote the best choice for storage and health concepts. Nevertheless, it is also based on patented technology of i-Disk Diamond which makes i-Disk Titan's size perfect to be used as a necklace.

i-Disk Titan is particularly proposed to people who pursuit a new lifestyle and a new fashion consciousness. Its intricate and beautiful design goes beyond current trend sets and its function scope involves practicability, high technology, and science. In addition to ultimate fashion and beautiful, i-Disk Titan unifies the full healthy peace concept through its elegant designed Titanium pendant and a delicate gemstone on its surface, not to mention the Germanium sphere embedded on its back that adds singularity to it.


Thinking about quality of life, Pretec has made the best use of Chemistry elements' benefits towards the human body by combining Titanium and Germanium in i-Disk Titan. Indeed, the advantages of such elements have great impact in human health. As revealed by scientific researches, when Germanium*(Ge) reaches 32 degrees Celsius, which is in the range of the human body temperature, it releases electron that seeps through the skin and attract harmful positively charged electron from the body. This also achieves muscle relieving effects, reduces fatigue and tiredness, helps to accelerate metabolism, and helps to alleviate body discomforts.


Along with health care, i-Disk Titan also offers stylish and fashion design choices. It comes with two kinds of necklaces, one leather necklace and the other titanium necklace, for best fitting daily outfits. To add individuality, Titan comes in choices of colorful gemstones and capacities of 2GB and 4GB.


i-Disk Titan, the perfect fusion of health, art, science and technology!



• Storage capacity : 2GB / 4GB

• Data transfer rate: write speed up to 22MB/sec

• Compliant with USB 2.0 / 1.0

• O/S Support: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista;Mac 10.x; Linux kernel 2.4 and above


* Ge has NOT been proved by the research study to provide significant healing effect.

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