Press Release 2008 Vol. 2
二 18, 2008
Press Release 2008 Vol. 2

Pretec Announces 166X SD/SDHC Card, Utmost Upgrade of SD/SDHC Speed Concept

"Taipei, Taiwan. February 18th, 2008 - Pretec, as the 2nd in the world to offer
CF card (1995) and the maker of the fastest speed and largest capacity CF card
in the world, today announces its 166X SD/SDHC card, the world's fastest
SD/SDHC card.
With SD/SDHC cards being the most popular form factor for data storage and
Pretec unveiling such a step forward in the development of high speed memory
cards, Pretec 166X SD/SDHC card is the ideal choice
for high-end electronics devices that demand the
best speed performance which only 166X SD/SDHC
card can achieve.
By having the highest transfer speed rate in the
world, Pretec 166X SD/SDHC card demonstrates an
amazing 25MB per second of read and write speed
when used with PRETEC i-Disk Reader II%5 166X.
With such performance, Pretec 166X surpasses all
the other SD/SDHC cards currently available in the
flash industry.
Moreover the constant increase in sales of DSLR cameras and the continuous
demand over faster photo shooting as to not delay an action photo, urged for a
product such as 166X SD/SDHC, that offers utmost speed and data protection
altogether. Not only the maximum existent rate features Pretec 166X, but it also
has a non-volatile solid state which secures all data from being lost when power
is turned off. In addition, the low-power consumption and capacity of up to 8GB
add up to the high speed and security of this card making Pretec 166X SD/SDHC
card the finest SD/SDHC card to satisfy customers who aim at the highest
- Excellent for digital cameras, PDAs, photo printers and many other electronic
- Highest read/write speed up to 25MB per second* (with i-Disk Reader II 166X)
- Fully compatible with SD 1.X/2.0 specification
- Diverse capacities: 1~4GB (SD); 4GB and above (SDHC)
- Low power consumption
- Non-volatile solid-state; data is not lost when power is turned off
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Pretec SD/SDHC 166X
Dimensions 32mm(L) x 24mm(W) x 2.1mm(H)
Weight 2g
Storage Capacities SD 1~4GB; SDHC 4~8GB
Performance Transfer Rate: 25MB/s (with i-Disk Reader 166X)
Operating Voltage 3.3V
i-Disk Reader II 166X)
- Fastest card reader with SD1.1/SD2.0/MMC/RS-MMC slots supporting
- Extendable to be an USB flash drive
- O/S support: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista; Mac 9.x and above/Linux

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