Press Release 2007 Vol. 12
八 31, 2007
Press Release 2007 Vol. 12

i-Disk Mobile Trio/Duo

"IFA trade show, Berlin, Germany. August 31, 2007
Pretec, a pioneer in the development of flash memory, today introduced a patented multi-functional mobile peripheral focusing on the professional user, combining data storage with a charging device, a laser pointer, and an LED flashlight.


Mobile Business Solution: The i-Disk Mobile Trio is more than just a USB drive with a storage capacity of up to 2 GB (4 GB in 2008), packed into a stylish black metal casing! The main module can be used as a data bridge between a PC/NB and various mobile devices.* Simultaneously, both the external device and the built-in battery are being charged.* Unplugged, the internal battery not only powers the two exchangeable end-modules, a Laser-Pointer and a LED Flashlight, it can also function as a mobile back-up energy source for a PDA or a mobile phone.




The i-Disk Mobile Duo will be available with either the Laser Pointer or the LED Flashlight end module as optional choice.
* Charging / data bridge function: only for mobile phones and PDA's using USB mini B Type connector. Data transfer software has to be provided by the host device manufacturer.

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