Press Release 2007 Vol. 11
八 31, 2007
Press Release 2007 Vol. 11

i-Disk Swing Series: Deluxe, Champagne and Reflection

"iIFA trade show, Berlin, Germany. August 31, 2007
Pretec, the flash memory pioneer who developed the world's smallest USB Flash drive, today introduced the new i-Disk Swing Series as the latest addition to their product line of "Store in Style".

Elegant in Swivel. Combining grace, high-tech, and luxury, the i-Disk Swing will be available in three exquisite designs, all featuring a swiveling cover over a polished stainless steel housing as an elegant solution to protecting data.

The i-Disk Swing Deluxe, dressed in a soft layer of sparkling graphite, is a refined accessory expressing the user's sense of style and vogue while meeting the highest business demands with a large storage capacity of up to 8 GB.

The i-Disk Swing Champagne will come in a beautiful, silk-finished surface while the i-Disk Swing Reflection is changing its mirror-like appearance from luscious black to shining silver, according to its exposure to light. Both will be available with a storage capacity of up to 4 GB and a key ring as accessory.


with the i-Disk Wave 8 GB and the new i-Disk Swing Deluxe, Pretec introduces its new concept of "double speed, double capacity".

After having developed the smallest USB flash drive in the world in 2003, Pretec was now able to double both speed and capacity of this device, without increasing its size!

By further developing this technology in the future, Pretec will continue to globally challenge and set the standards of "highest speed", "largest capacity" and "smallest size" in the field of USB flash memory.

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