Press Release 2007 Vol. 10
六 05, 2007
retec Demonstrates 400X IDE/SATA Flash Disk - Fastest SSD in the World
"Taipei, Taiwan, June 5th, 2007 - Pretec, the creator of MIDE (Mini-IDE), the smallest form factor of IDE flash disk in the world since 1997, will demonstrate 400X IDE and SATA flash disks, with access speed of more than 60MB/s, the fastest Solid State Disk (SSD) in the world, at Computex Taipei 2007 (Hall 4 Booth #T202B).

PRETEC 400X SSD series is a highly reliable solution for applications requiring low power consumption, low access times and ruggedness in even the harshest environments where intense vibrations cannot be allowed to compromise data integrity. Pretec 400X SSD series includes 2.5" and 1.8" IDE flash disks, with Read/Write speeds of 63MB/s and 36MB/s, more than double the speed of most IDE flash disks available in the market today; and 2.5" SATA flash disk, with Read/Write speeds of 68MB/s and 40MB/s, the fastest SSD in the world for COTS product available for consumer and industrial applications.

Capacities currently range from 1GB to 64GB and will expand to 128GB by the 2nd half of 2007. Pretec 400X SSD employees SLC NAND flash memory devices that fully emulate an IDE/SATA hard disk drive, but with the high speed of a solid state device providing rugged and reliable operation in conditions that would be hostile to rotating media storage devices.
To accommodate the ongoing trend of miniaturization, with more and more UMPC/OLPC availability in the market, Pretec also offers a super-thin series of IDE/SATA flash disks with only 5.8mm thickness, the thinnest in the world.

Other than 400X IDE/SATA series flash disks demonstrated at Computex, Pretec also exhibits Embedded USB module, MIDE, PCMCIA-ATA, CF, PCIe, Linear flash PCMCIA card and SRAM card at Pretec booth, making Pretec to be the most comprehensive industrial SSD provider in the world. Extreme ruggedness through the protection of heavy metal housing and wide temperature range versions of CF/ATA cards for industrial and military applications are also available from Pretec. Samples of 400X SSD are available now, with mass production scheduled by Q3 of 2007.

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