Press Release 2007 Vol. 7
四 03, 2007
Pretec Announces the World's Fastest and most Rugged Industrial CompactFlashTM Card
"San Jose, California, April 3rd, 2007 -- Pretec, the pioneer of the highest capacity flash memory cards of CF card (64GB) and USB Flash Drive, will demonstrate the worlds world's fastest and most rugged industrial CompactFlash Card (266X) today at ESC booth 1348.
With transfer rates of up to 40MB/sec (UDMA mode 6) and rugged metal construction, Pretec ruggedized Industrial CompactFlashTM card provides the highest performance and most reliable industrial grade storage solution in CompactFlashTM form factor. In addition to high performance, Pretec Ruggedized Industrial CompactFlashTM card also offers ultra low power consumption allowing for extended battery life in mobile or remote applications without an external power source.
Fully compliant with CompactFlashTM Specification, Pretec Ruggedized Industrial CompactFlashTM utilizes a rugged metal housing which is a standard feature allowing for greater resistance to shock and vibration and is also available in extended and high operating temperature rated versions allowing for operation in harsh environmental conditions from -20C to 85C and -40C to 85C.
In addition to high performance and ruggedized features, Pretec Ruggedized Industrial CompactFlashTM card is also available with the implementation of ATAPI-5 Security features allowing for device specific or operator specific security parameters to secure data from unauthorized use and or with mainbord BIOS integration, prevent the installation of an un secured CompactFlashTM Card making it the ideal storage solution for data sensitive applications.

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