PRETEC's Unique Design for IDA
六 13, 2011

Pretec's Unique Design Flash Drives Shown at 2011 IDA Congress with Preview at Computex

Taipei, Taiwan May 31st, 2011 - Pretec, the inventor of the smallest USB flash drive since 2002, the pioneer of capless USB flash design with world's 1st swivel design "i-Disk Tiny", Best Gear of 2003 by TIME Magazine; the winner of 2008 iF Design Award;, announced its participation in the 2011 IDA Congress (International Design Alliance) first held in Taipei in October. Pretec will exhibit several unique design USB flash drives making
theat Computex 2011 (Booth#: Nangang Exhibition Hall, K309a) as a preview of the IDA event particularly for designers who are interested in the cross-over of Design and Technology.

1st in the industry to design USB flash for fashion world, Pretec's i-Disk Vogue and i-Disk Sparkling makes necklace combined with storage device, and the earring-sized CU-flash invented by Pretec in 2004 utilizes its breakthrough in compact design and packaging technology, by now still the smallest USB flash in the world 7 years after it's inception. Pretec's waterproof, fireproof and bulletproof USB Flash drive since 2005 ushers new dimensions of ruggedness and reliability; the subsequent i-Disk Racingnut was based on the creative concept from Auto Parts industry. i-Disk TO-FU OYAKO, Bruce Lee series and i-Disk Pocket-Kanner are joint projects or cooperation with a popular Japanese graphic artist, the Bruce Lee Foundation of USA, and Kanner Foundation of Taiwan, which aims to help more autistic patients and their families to achieve sufficient medical resources.

The 2011 IDA Congress is a once-six-years event gathering
world's top designers to trigger brand-new design ideas between the design and non-design fields. This year for the very first time, Taipei has achieved the right to host it with the main theme "Design at the Edges," which aims to spark cross-field cooperation between different industries. Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou said " Taiwan has excellent human resources with abundant brain power to mine, making it possible for Taiwan to be an Innovation Island" during the launch ceremony of the "2011 Taiwan Year of Design" which is planned in conjunction with ROC (Taiwan) Centennial and 2011 IDA Congress. Known by
its long-term and continuous efforts in the convergence of creativity and design, Pretec is invited to exhibit in the IDA Congress to demonstrate how it keep its edges by offering flash
products combining "design" and "technology."

Prior to the October IDA Congress, Pretec will exhibit a collection of design products granted with the license of the
2011 IDA logo as the preview of the upcoming event. Along
with other selected products of various categories, these have made the list of "the 100 must-see items" of the 2011 IDA Congress. The winning products are: i-Disk Backpacker USB Flash Drive, a characterized figure that carries memories in his backpack featuring simple, streamline, purely white design; i-Disk BiBi USB Flash Drive, a creative combination of memory and whistle best for emergency use; i-Disk Trio USB Flash Drive, a multi-function design for business presentations, data transfer, and emergency cell phone charges. Also on the list is Pretec i-Disk Pocket USB Flash Drive featuring the theme poster of the 2011 IDA Congress, which serves not only as a convenient, pocket-friendly storage device but also the best souvenir or gift for the show.

About Pretec
PretecTM ( offers a complete spectrum of
small form factor memory cards and card readers such as CF, SD/MMC, USB Flash Drive, and wireless communication devices for digital imaging, mobile communication, and industrial storage markets. As the 2nd company in the world to offer CF cards since 1995 and the company to create CF I/O and SD I/O cards since 1998, Pretec has consistently demonstrated the Largest capacity flash cards in the world: such as CF 3GB, 6GB, 12GB, 16GB, 24GB, 48GB, 64GB, 100GB, 128GB and SD
4GB, SDHC 8GB 16GB 32GB; the fastest flash card in the world: such as CF 433X/567X/667X, world's 1st CFast Storage Card, word's 1st SDXC card, SD166X, USB 266X, and SSD (IDE/SATA) 400X. With more than 200 patents granted or filed, Pretec has also been offering the smallest USB flash drive in the world with unique technology: such as i-Disk Tiny ("Best Gear of 2003" by TIME Magazine) and i-Disk Diamond; the most reliable flash card in the world: such as rugged PCMCIA, rugged CF card, and i-Disk Bulletproof, a water-proof, fire-proof, and bullet-proof USB flash drive. In 2008, Pretec's i-Disk Swing Reflection was awarded the iF Product Design Award for its mirror-like appearance from luscious black to shining silver.
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*Note: i-Disk, i-Disk Tiny, i-Disk Diamond and i-Disk Bulletproof are trademarks of Pretec. All other trademarks mentioned herein are recognized as the property of their respective holders.

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