Press Release 2007 Vol. 5
四 03, 2007
Press Release 2007 Vol. 5

Pretec Embedded USB Flash Disk; Rugged, Reliable and Fast Boot Solid State Disk

"San Jose, California, April 3rd, 2007 -- Pretec, the pioneer of the highest capacity flash memory cards of CF card (64GB) and USB Flash Drive, will demonstrate their new line of low profile, high performance Embedded USB Flash Disks witch interface with the ubiquitous 2x5 pin main-board USB header for accelerated system development, today at ESC booth 1348.
Pre-configured as a fixed disk (non-removable) Pretec Embedded USB Flash Disk can speed up development time by allowing systems developers the flexibility to work with a low profile, high capacity boot media supported by major embedded operating systems such as Windows XP Embedded, Linux and others natively supporting USB mass storage class devices making it the ideal storage solution in the development of a variety of embedded applications for industrial computing, network computing, mission critical applications, and consumer electronics.
Pretec Embedded USB Flash Disk offers fast transfer rates through the utilization of an interleaved dual channel providing read speeds of up to 30MB/sec and write speeds of up to 20/MB/sec, as wells as fast boot times; for example, 30 seconds for a 300MB XP Embedded image.
In addition to greater flexibility and performance, Pretec Embedded USB Flash Disk features high endurance SLC NAND flash devices providing reliable data retention for system critical applications. Available in capacities from 256MB to 8GB and with dimensions of 37.8mm x 26.65mm x 7.7mm, Pretec Embedded USB Flash Disk is available with multiple connector orientations and sizes to fit your systems design.

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