Press Release 2007 Vol. 4
三 15, 2007
"USB Flash with Fashionable Design,
Pretec Brings "Store in Style" to Consumer Electronics"
"Hannover, Germany. March 15th, 2007 -- Pretec, the pioneer of world's smallest USB Flash drive, has again introduced fashionable USB flash drive design, i-Disk Vogue/Hip-Hop, i-Disk Bulletproof/Secure, i-Disk Tango, and i-Disk Jelly based on patented technology of i-Disk Tiny and i-Disk Diamond at CeBIT (Hall 23, Booth C34).
Combines with the smallest USB flash drive in the world and the glamorous diamond-laden jewelry design, Pretec i-Disk Vogue brings the most luxury USB flash drive to the IT marketplace, as well as the gift and jewelry industry. This unique USB flash drive is perfectly mingled in sparkling Gold/Platinum-plated handcrafted pendant with diamond, to be an elegant necklace and an innovative digital gadget that can satisfy both the need of data storage and fascinating appearance; i-Disk Vogue ushers the fashion of "Store in Style" that Pretec launched here in CeBIT. With oversized bling-bling necklace in a young and distinct personal character, i-Disk Hip-Hop reveals individualized lifestyle and merges the cultural movements in modern times.
The most durable USB flash drive in the world, Pretec i-Disk Bulletproof, has been well accepted as another stylish design, with unique shape and reliable image. This line of product has been expanded to i-Disk Secure, with heavy-duty rugged metal housing and special security features to store the data against heavy impact, and password and locking protection to keep the data from unauthorized access.
i-Disk Tango, a new and patent-pending stackable cap design will be debut in CeBIT, along with i-Disk Jelly, a colorful jelly-like water-proof USB flash drive, and several new products including mobile phone accessories will also be shown in CeBIT, to enhance the concept of "Store in Style"; an innovative and unique features pioneered by Pretec to satisfy both the consumer electronics industry and the gift/premium or jewelry/stationery/fashion industries.

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