Press Release 2007 Vol. 2
一 08, 2007
Pretec i-Disk Secure,Store in Secret - Secure vault in data
"Los Vegas, U.S.A. Jan. 8, 2007 -- Pretec, world record holder of the highest capacity flash memory cards of CF card (12GB), USB Flash Drive (16GB), and SD card (8GB), has now released i-Disk Secure, which is not only have stylish housing design and touch durability characteristics, also have special security function today at CES (Central Hall, Booth 15216).
Today, technology develops so quickly. Once information becomes so easy to get, it also becomes more important to keep your data in secret. Capacity ranging from 128MB to 4GB, Pretec i-Disk Secure offers the ultimate durability and security with a unique rugged metal housing designed to keep your data safe against heavy impact as well as a suite of security utilities for you to keep the data safe from unauthorized access. Pretec i-Disk Secure is the ultimate solution for portable data date safety.

Special security features such as security zip and mobile lock to auto-execute pre-defined or user-defined files for secure purpose so that i-Disk Secure can to do encryption, decryption and create all by password. It's also able use as a key to protect the computer. By using photo lock, you can lock the PC/laptop for preventing others from using the PC, also support "photo auto run". Pretec i-Disk Secure is the ideal for commercial applications and makes your digital life easy.

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