Press Release 2006 Vol. 8
六 09, 2006
Pretec Demonstrates i-Disk Connect Plus, a capacity and security function expandable USB flash drive
"Taipei, Taiwan, June 2006, Pretec, the creator of i-Disk Tiny and i-Disk Diamond, the smallest USB flash drive in the world since 2003, will demonstrate a new USB2.0 flash drive, i-Disk Connect Plus with capacity and function expandability today.


In addition a a USB 2.0 flash drive itself, i-Disk Connect Plus is equipped with a built-in USB hub and a female USB socket allowing users to connect different USB IO devices (such as wireless LAN, GPRS, GPS, bluebooth, digital camera, etc) currently availablefrom market to expand to different multiple functions as they need. Moreover, i-Disk Connect Plus offers highest capacity up to 4GB but users can also expand the capacity just by plugging-in another USB interface storage devices.


Today, technology develops so quickly. Once information becomes so easy to get, it also becomes more important to keep your data in secret. Pretec i-Disk Connect Plus offers you ten sets of fingerprint through i-Disk Connect Plus. To strengthen configentiality, you can also set up expire time of fingerprint as well. Besides, i-Disk Connect Plus also add the software for users to auto login and storage the website and My Favorite linking such as the address of mailbos, music, photo collections or any other useful websites. i-Disk Connect Plus brings a fliexible, modular, versatile an dexpandable concept for USB flash drive, and provides great convenience to the users.

Pretec provides a series of multi-function USB flahs products in addition to i-Disk Connect Plus. Apart from this, Pretec also has e-Disk II Plus(USB flash disk + card reader), i-Disk Mobile (USB flash disk + mobile phone bridge, i-Disk Laser (USb flash disk + Laser pointer) etc.


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