Press Release 2006 Vol. 7
六 05, 2006
Pretec Ships i-Disk BulletProof, the only ruggedized and secure USB flash drive in the world
"Taipei, Taiwan, June 6, 2006 -- Pretec Electronics Corp., the world's 1st to offer ruggedized ATA flash card since 1998 and rugged CompactFlash card (CF) since 2001 has started to ship a new ruggedized USB 2.0 flash drive, i-Disk BulletProof , which is not only water-proof, fire-proof, but also bullet-proof. i-Disk BulletProof will be demonstrated today at Computex 2006 (Hall 4, Booth T202B) in Taipei.

Capacity ranging from 32MB to 2GB, PRETEC i-Disk BulletProof is constructed with round shape and double layers of metal protection, capable of sealing water or fire from damaging the circuit, and even shield of the heavy impact of a bullet, making i-Disk BulletProof the most rugged USB flash drive in the world. The core of i-Disk BulletProof are patented technologies including i-Disk Tiny bare, the smallest USB flash drive in the world since 2002 (which was replaced by Pretec i-Disk Diamond in 2005), and hailed by "TIME" magazine as the "Best Gear of 2003", and the exotic i-Sushi, a delicious Sushi-shaped USB flash stick, and i-Duck, a unique collection by London Design Museum. In addition to rugged and small size, i-Disk BulletProof also features blazing access speed, up to 20MB/s. Pretec can also custom design under special arrangement that the premium version of i-Disk BulletProof can achieve the speed of 266X, up to 40MB/s, the highest speed of USB flash drive in the world.

Special security optional features such as password protection, encryption, write protection, and/or auto-execute pre-defined or user-defined files for identification purpose so that the USB flash drive can have its own unique ID distinguishable by audio or video effect every time the USB flash is plugged in a computer (function of Pretec i-Disk Mine) can also be added to i-Disk BulletProof when necessary, make it ideal for commercial/industrial or even military applications where not only the information stored is with paramount importance but also the ruggedness and security are critical consideration factors.


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