Press Release 2006 Vol. 6
六 05, 2006
Pretec 16GB Industrial Super-Thin 2.5" IDE Flash Disk, The Super-Thin IDE is the lightest in the wor
"Taipei, Taiwan, June, 2006 -- Pretec Electronics Corp., the 1st in the world to demonstrate 2.5" IDE Flash Disk since 2004, and the 1st in the world to offer 16GB Industrial Super-Thin 2.5" IDE Flash Disk (Case height : Only 5.8mm) since June, 2006, today at Computex 2006 (Booth #T0202B) in Taipei.


PRETEC 2.5-inch IDE Flash Drive is a highly reliable solution for applications requiring low power consumption, low access times (<1.5ms) and ruggedness in even the harshest environments where intense vibrations cannot be allowed to compromise data integrity.


Compatible with ATA/ATAIP-4, an ATA controller interfaces SLC NAND flash memory devices fully emulating an IDE hard disk drive, but with the quickness of a solid state device providing reliable operation in conditions that would be hostile to rotating media.


The 44-pin IDE interface and 44-pin or 40-pin IDE cable makes PRETEC's IDE Flash Drive an easy replacement for 2.5"" hard disk drives, available in standard capacities from 32MB to 8GB unformatted. Embedded ECC provides 5bit errors detection and 3bit correction with an error rate is less than 1 bit error per 1014 bit-reads with no seek errors. Mean time between failure (MTBF) is up to an astonishing 3,000,000 power on hours with an endurance of 3,000,000 Write/Erase cycles for any sector.


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