Press Release 2006 Vol. 4
三 09, 2006
Pretec Demonstrates iDisk Connect, A Capacity and Function Expandable USB Flash Drive
"Hanover, Germany, March 9, 2006 Pretec Electronics Corp., the creator of i-Disk Tiny & i-Disk Diamond, the smallest USB Flash Drive in the world since 2003, will demonstrate a new USB 2.0 flash drive, i-Disk Connect with capacity and/or function expandability today at CeBIT 2006 (Hall 23, Booth D30) in Hanover. In addition to a USB 2.0 flash drive itself, i-Disk Connect is equipped with a built-in USB hub and a female USB socket allowing users to connect different USB IO devices (such as Wireless LAN, GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, digital camera, etc.) currently available from market to expand to different multiple functions as they need. Moreover, users can also expand the capacity of i-Disk Connect just by plugging-in another USB interface storage device. i-Disk Connect brings a flexible, modular, versatile and expandable concept for USB flash drive, and provides great convenience to the users. Pretec provides a series of multi-unction USB flash products in addition to i-Disk Connect. Also exhibited in the show are e-Disk II Plus (USB flash disk+ card reader), i-Disk Mobile (USB flash disk+ mobile phone bridge), i-Disk Laser (USB flash disk+ Laser pointer), i-Disk Bright (USB flash disk+ LED flash light), i-Disk Control (USB flash disk+ remote control), etc. at Pretec booth. i-Disk Connect is sampling now and will start mass production by next month. A new triple function i-Disk Connect +, which is i-Disk Connect combined with i-Disk Touch, with build-in fingerprint security function USB flash drive will be available from Pretec by next month as well. About Pretec Pretec? Electronics Corp. ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards and card readers such as CF, MMC, SD, and USB Flash Drive for the digital imaging, mobile communication, and industrial control markets. As the world?s 2nd company to offer CF card since 1995, Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity cards in the world; such as CF card 80MB, 128MB, 160MB, 320MB, 640MB, 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB and 12GB CF card at various locations around the world for the past seven years; MMC card 1GB and 4GB; USB Flash Drive 8GB; and SD card 4GB. With more than 100 patents granted or filed, Pretec has also been offering the highest speed cards in the world such as CF 80X (2004), MMC 4.0 150X (2004), USB 166X/266X (2005), SD 133X (2005), MMCplus? 266X (2005), i-Disk Tiny (?Best Gear of 2003? by TIME Magazine) and smallest size USB Flash drive in the world such as i-Disk Diamond / Cu-Flash (2005). *Note: i-Disk, i-Disk Tiny, CU-Flash are trademarks of Pretec Electronics Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are recognized as the property of their respective holders.

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