Press Release 2006 Vol. 2
一 05, 2006
Pretec 4GB iDisk Touch The Largest Capacity Fingerprint USB Flash Drive in the World
"Las Vegas, NV, January 5, 2006 Pretec Electronics Corp., the 1st in the world to demonstrate 8GB USB flash drive since 2004, and the 1st in the world to offer 4GB SD card since July 2005, has announced a multiple function of USB flash storage device with fingerprint biometrics security ?iDisk Touch? here at CES (Booth #14444, LVCC). The largest capacity of a fingerprint USB flash storage device in the world today, 4GB Pretec iDisk Touch will also be demonstrated at a private suite at Venetian Hotel by invitation only. Pretec iDisk Touch addresses the growing demand of security desire without fear and without cumbersome processes for convenient, popular and inexpensive mobile storage devices. The proven fingerprint biometrics security makes sure data can only be accessed by authorized users without the need to bring keys always or no need to remember long strings of password. It not only secures the access to data but also the data itself; depending on the requirements, individual files or entire directories can be encoded with Pretec iDisk Touch and made available again when needed. It is one member of a series of Pretec security USB product offering; including software and/or hardware protection of the data access through password protection; or act as the protected key to lock the PC from unauthorized use; or as a parental guard to prevent from kids accessing to forbidden websites, etc. Unlike the traditional way to use ?Area? fingerprint sensor, which not only takes more space, but is also more expensive compared with ?stripe? fingerprint sensor which Pretec is using; and coupled with a new monolithic single-chip solution instead of chip set in multiple devices of conventional design; iDisk Touch can achieve a small footprint and large capacity, yet a very cost-effective way for any office and home uses with security concerns. iDisk Touch is also in the center of another series of Pretec USB product offering; multiple function of memory and I/O capabilities, which includes the currently available iDisk BT (USB Flash + Bluetooth), iDisk WLAN (with Wi-Fi connectivity) and many others which Pretec will launch in the next few months. Another member of Pretec multiple function USB product debuts here today is Pretec e-Disk II+, a multiple function 512MB USB flash drive with built-in card reader so that such device can expand to 4.5GB by inserting an optional Pretec 4GB SD/MMC card. Both iDisk Touch and e-Disk II+ are available now with mass production scheduled next month. About Pretec Pretec? Electronics Corp. ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards and card readers such as CF, MMC, SD, and USB Flash Drive for the digital imaging, mobile communication, and industrial control markets. As the world?s 2nd company to offer CF card since 1995, Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity cards in the world; such as CF card 80MB, 128MB, 160MB, 320MB, 640MB, 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB and 12GB CF card at various locations around the world for the past seven years; MMC card 1GB and 4GB; USB Flash Drive 8GB; and SD card 4GB. With more than 100 patents granted or filed, Pretec has also been offering the highest speed cards in the world such as CF 80X (2004), MMC 4.0 150X (2004), USB 166X/266X (2005), SD 133X (2005), MMC Plus 266X (2005); and smallest size USB Flash Disk in the world such as iDisk Tiny (?Best Gear of 2003? by TIME Magazine) and CU-Flash/iDisk Diamond (2005). *Note: iDisk, iDisk Tiny, CU-Flash are trademarks of Pretec Electronics Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are recognized as the property of their respective holders.

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