Press Release 2004 Vol. 1
二 12, 2004
Far surpassing one's fellows, the world's fastest Cheetah N2 256 CF card announced by Pretec
"Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 12, 2004 --- Pretec Electronics Corp.,
PMA Show at Las Vegas Convention Center, booth, #H71.
Pretec the 2nd company in the world offering Compact Flash memory cards (CF) since 1995.The world leader in small form factor memory products, today announced the world's fastest CompactFlash card - the CHEETAH N2 256MB CF card with read & write speed up to 600% faster than the any leading brand's highest speed of CF card in the market today,

Pretec has pioneered extensive research and development over the last seven years, emerging today as the industry's leader in memory technology and flash memory design. Leveraging this experience the company is creating an increasingly exciting multimedia experience for users of Compact Flash cards in applications such as high-resolution digital cameras, where faster read & write performance speeds means lower set-up times between pictures.

Three times stronger than normal plastic CF cards, Pretec's CHEETAH N2 256MB CF card is ideally suited for anyone with a portable digital device such as high-resolution mega-pixel digital cameras, MP3 audio players, voice recorders, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and industrial devices.

Coupling innovative design with the company's flash memory expertise provides end-users with a reliable memory solution that meets performance requirements of new and emerging CF applications for, professional digital cameras such as OLYMPUS, NIKON,SONY, KODAK, CANNON,PANTEX and FUIJI...., video cameras and audio players. Sustained read speeds of 12,352 KB/S and write speeds of 10,733 KB/S and makes Pretec's CHEETAH N2 256MB high capacity CF cards is one of the fastest CF card in the world; as the search for speed is never ending, Pretec will keep launching higher speed CF and higher capacity cards the 6GB CHEETAH N1 in the coming next quarters.
In addition to the excellent track record of Pretec's relentless pursuit of innovation towards higher capacity, Pretec has also established the reliability reputation by becoming the only CF card supplier in the world which can provide industrial and military grade rugged CF cards constructed with precision mechanics, full metal protection, sustain a wide range ( -40℃~125℃) working temperature and offer an ultimate level of data protection and security features.

Research shows the ever expanding CompactFlash card market is currently worth $1.8 billion US dollars. The demand for higher memory capacity and faster data access is driving the market, Pretec has focused on these issues providing users with the lastest technology for the latest products and evolving applications.
About Pretec
PretecTM Electronics Corp. ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards and card readers such as ATA/CF card, IDE & Mini-IDE Flash Drive (MIDE), SmartMediaTM, MultiMedia CardTM, and SD Card for the digital imaging, mobile computing, and Military/Industrial Control markets; and is the creator of Innovative CompactI/OTM cards for PocketPCTM, digital cameras and many IA devices. Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity CF cards in the world; such as 80MB, 128MB, 160MB, 320MB, 640MB, 1.5GB, 2GB, 3GB, 6GB and 12GB CF card at various locations around the world for the past five years.

*Note: MIDE, CompactI/O, CompactModem, and CompactLAN are trademarks of Pretec Electronics Corporation. PocketPCTM is trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are recognized as the property of their respective holders.
Pretec Electronics Corp. C-ONE Technology Corp.
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