Press Release 2003 Vol. 4
九 22, 2003
Security CompactFlash Card- Pioneered by Pretec for the Security need of the Industry
"Computex Taipei, Sept 22, 2003 - Pretec Electronics Corp., the 2nd company in the world supplying CompactFlash memory card (CF) since 1995, today announced the availability and exhibited the application of Security CF card at Computex2003 Taipei. (Booth # G225, 226, 293, 294 in Hall 3, A21).
PRETEC's Security CF cards are fully compliant with version 2.0 of CompactFlashTM Association specifications ( and electronically compatible with PC card ATA standard. With the security command, the users can designate a secured password to protect their programs/codes and/or proprietary data through specific application software; the security feature will prohibit unauthorized access to the internal storage area. With Pretec Security CF card, users can have peace of mind that the confidential data stored in the CF card can only be copied or accessed under proper authorization; the plug-n-play storage device can easily replace existing portable disk without any additional driver installation.
Security CF cards are available currently from 32MB to 128MB, with higher capacities coming to the market (up to 6GB) in the next quarters. Pretec is the 1st in the industry to offer Security CF card, for it's long-term commitment to serve the industrial market. Other than security feature, Pretec is also the only one in the industry to offer ruggedized CF card with wide operating temperature (from -40C up to +120C) for industrial or even military applications; the only one in the industry to offer extremely high capacity CF card, in which 6GB is being demonstrated today at Computex.
The security feature and algorithm will also later being implemented at Pretec's MIDE (Mini-IDE, the smallest IDE Flash Disk in the world, created by Pretec in 1997) line of product. With the portfolio of comprehensive CF cards (CF memory card, Security CF, Ruggedized CF, CF IO cards, CF Multi-function cards, etc.), PC Cards (ATA Flash card, Linear Flash card, SRAM card), and IDE Flash Disk (MIDE, 3.5"/2.5"/1.8"/1.3" Flash Disk), Pretec is the proven leader in the field of Solid State Disk for industrial applications."

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