Press Release 2003 Vol. 3
三 12, 2003
Pretec Announces iDISK series USB Flash Drive
"Pro - the Largest Capacity in the World Tiny - the Smallest Size in the World
Hannover, Germany, March 12, 2003 - Pretec Electronics Corp. (Hall 23 Booth A33), the 2nd company in the world offering CompactFlash memory card (CF) card since 1995, and the first in the world to offer CompacTRIO, the MMC/SD/MS (Memory Stick) to CF adapter since 2001, announced the launch of the iDISK series of USB flash drive, the small removable flash storage solution available for downloading, storing and transferring data between digital devices.
Measuring 1.23-inches x 0.53-inches x 0.18-inches, with surface area of 0.65 square inches, just about the same size of a US Dollar Quarter Coin (0.69 square inches), iDISK Tiny is the smallest USB flash drive in the world, which will be initially available with storage capacities of 64 and 128MB next month, and 256 and 512MB capacities later.
IDISK Pro plugs directly into a PC or Macintosh USB 1.1 port for safe, fast file transfer without the need of external cables, cords or cradles. With flexible expandable capability to extend the flash drive capacity by inserting a CF card (Pro-C), a xD card (Pro-X), or any of a MMC/SD/MS (Pro-T), iDISK Pro can reach up to 7GB capacity, the largest capacity in the world, if using Pretec 6GB CF card, also announced today at CeBIT. Delivery is expected to start from Q2 2003.
If user chooses to have zero (0) built-in flash memory, iDISK Pro can be used as a convenient and low cost flash card reader. There is no need for user to install any software driver under Window 2000 (older Window versions may need driver installation). The plug-and-play, portable, powerful and versatile iDISK series
Page 1 of 2 flash drive are the ultimate digital convergence device, offering convenient, easy and upgradable data storage and file transfer capabilities for PCs and varieties of IA devices. Pretec will offer higher speed USB 2.0 version of iDISK series flash drive in June, 2003

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