Press Release 2002 Vol. 4
四 17, 2002
Pretec partners with YeZhen to provide a comprehensive flash solution to the PC-based Industrial Computer
"World's First Ruggedized CompactFlash Card Incorporated With Embedded Systems Computers Available in 640MB Capacity
Tokyo, Japan, April 17, 2002 (Board Computer Japan) - Pretec Electronics Corp., the innovative and quality flash disk manufacturer since 1993, announced a partnership with YeZhen Technology Co., Ltd., a leading designer and manufacturer of IPC (Industrial PC) products, to offer high reliability of ruggedized CompactFlash (Type I and II) and ATA Flash cards, and a full line of IDE flash disks throughout Japan and Taiwan. The world first ruggedized 640MB CompactFlashTM card was incorporated with SBC-6450MS Geode Series to increase the embedded systems computers in both quality and capacity. Welcome to visit YeZhen's booth in Board Computer Japan at Hall 17 booth 7110.
The SBC-6450MS Geode Series are 3.5 inch Pentium Low Power Embedded SBCs for Network Appliance, which offer an onboard Pentium®-level NS Geode GX1-233/300 processor with its lower consumption character makes the board operates normally without adding a heat sink or fan in working temperatures up to 60°C (140°F). Designed with onboard solid-state CompactFlashTM slots, the most popular small form factor expansion standard today for IA devices, widely being adopted by many Digital Still Cameras, PDAs, MP3 Players, Set-Top-Box, and Thin-Clint devices, it enhances the ruggedness, reliability, and compatibility by using Pretec's ruggedized CompactFlashTM cards for critical space applications as a perfect replacement of conventional hard drives.
"YeZhen is a significant partner for us in the industrial market. The partnership recognizes the synergies between the companies by providing flash disks incorporated with YeZhen's product lines", said Jim Yu, Director of Memory Cards of Pretec. "Reliability, ruggedness, and cost effectiveness are the major concerns for industrial embedded applications. We are very glad to team up with Pretec for their line-up of flash disks. The ruggedized full metal CompactFlashTM card from Pretec matches and goes beyond most industrial requirements." said Ula Wu, President of YeZhen Technology Co., Ltd.
Pretec's ruggedized CompactFlashTM card is robust, designed with precision mechanics constructed with a unique full metal housing. This card offers exceptionally high vibration and shock resistance, corrosion protection and can offer extreme temperature range (-40℃~+85℃). It guarantees the ultimate level of new data protection and security features to prevent crucial data, software, and products from being damaged. Capacities range from 8MB to 640MB now and will be reaching 1.2GB by 2002. Pretec has been one of the largest volume ruggedized ATA PC Card manufacturers in the world since 1999, shipping sizable volume for many industrial customers such as DB (German railway), and several military customers around the world.

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