Press Release 2002 Vol. 3
四 17, 2002
"Pretec Shows CompactMSTM for Photo printer, Pocket PC and other portable IA devices
The Memory StickTM to CompactFlashTM converter"
"Beijing, April 17, 2002 - Pretec Electronics Corp., the innovator of CompactFlash I/O cards for Pocket PC, will show CompactMSTM that can convert Memory StickTM (MS) to CompactFlashTM form factor which equipped with photo printer, Pocket PC and other PC devices, at the event of Comdex China 2002 in Beijing China (Memory Stick pavilion, Hall 2).

This design maximizes the compatibility and convenience among different medias. CompactMSTM provides the best solution to transfer data from Memory StickTM to PCs, Color Printers, and portable IA devices, such as Pocket PC, Digital Camera, MP3 Player and mobile phone equipped with CF slot. By adding optional CompactFlash adapter from Pretec, these medias now can also be converted to PCMCIA (PC Card) format with ease. For Pocket PC or printer, or other IA design, developer no longer needs to worry about many sockets to be included in the system, which is not only costly, bulky, but also confuse the user and make support difficult; with a single CompactFlash slot in the system, and Pretec's CompactMSTM, CompactTRIOTM (the world's first MMC/SD/MS to CompactFlash adapter), and CompactSSFDCTM (the world's first SmartMediaTM to CompactFlash adapter), the host system like Pocket PC now can accommodate any form of small form factor memory card today and tomorrow such as MMC, SD, MS, and SmartMediaTM.

Pretec's CompactMSTM comes with CompactFlash Type II form factor, and is a simple plug-and-play card with size of 57.4mm x 42.8 x 5mm, which is very convenient to carry and use.


About Pretec
PretecTM Electronics Corp. ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards, card readers, and converters/adapters for the digital imaging, mobile computing, and Military/Industrial Control markets; and is the creator of Innovative CompactI/OTM cards for PocketPCTM, digital cameras and many IA devices. It can enable PDAs or IPCs equipped with CF slot become wireless communication capable by using Pretec CompactBTTM (Bluetooth), CompactWLANTM (IEEE 802.11b), CompactGPSTM or CompactGPRSTM card. Ruggedized CF card from Pretec is world's first military-grade capable CF card. Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity CF cards in the world, such as 80MB, 128MB, 160MB, 320MB, and 640MB CF card at various locations around the world for the past three years.

*Note: CompactFlash is trademark of CompactFlashTM Association. CompactTrioTM is a trademark of Pretec Electronics Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are recognized as the property of their respective holders.

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