Press Release 2002 Vol. 1
二 19, 2002
Easy High Speed Wireless Internet of Voice and Data Through World's first CompactGPRS Card and BVRP Software
"Cannes, February 19, 2002 - The world's first GPRS/GSM card in CompactFlash form factor from Pretec Electronics Corp. working with Microsoft Window CE powered Pocket PC will be demonstrated here running BVRP software in BVRP booth at Hall 3, Stand J40, in 3GSM World Congress 2002 held at Cannes, France from February 19 - 22. Live demonstration will also be conducted in Pretec booth at Hall 19, Stand A02, and BVRP booth at Hall 27, Stand F15A, in CeBIT held at Hannover, Germany from March 13-20.
GPRS offers "always-on" packet-based data services, delivering twice as fast of the land-based 56K modem speed, or as high as 10 times faster than GSM data rate. CompactGPRS card and BVRP's pocket PhoneTools software enables high speed wireless internet access easy through PDA anytime, anywhere, when such features offered by the service providers with specific subscriptions.

With an optional CF adapter from Pretec, CompactGPRS card becomes a PC card, working with virtually all of today's notebook computers equipped with PCMCIA slot. The built-in battery makes CompactGPRS do not severely drain PDA power, and the dual-band of 900/1800MHz makes the Plug-and Play card work for most of European and many Asian countries (another dual-band version of 900/1900MHz for USA is also available).

In addition to the functions of accessing e-mail and web browsing wirelessly, Pretec CompactGPRS card offers also SMS, FAX, and voice capabilities. BVRP's mobile PhoneTools and pocket PhoneTools guide the users through step-by-step GPRS connection set-up; provide easy editing, dialing and management between databases from Pocket Outlook and SIM memory. The graphic user interface provides simplified access to main communication functions with quick access buttons, displays information on LCD screen, and provides direct access from "skin", which is a simulated environment look and behave like those mobile phone handsets from Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Alcatel, etc.

CompactGPRS has been successfully demonstrated working with Sharp SL-5000 PDA and Pocket PCs from Audiovox, Casio, Compaq, HP, NEC, Toshiba, etc. Pretec expects to begin shipping the CompactGPRS card bundled with BVRP software in the second quarter of this year to major IT companies and mass merchandisers around the world.

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