Press Release 2000 Vol. 1
二 03, 2000
"Ideal Storage Solution for Embedded Systems
MIDE - The smallest IDE Flash Disk in the world"
"Pretec Electronic Corp. now starts to launch Mini IDE (MIDE), an IDE Flash Disk in a tiny package of only 49.4mmX34.1mmX4.2mm, which can be directly plug into standard 44-pin IDE slot which comes with most of single-board-computers. The capacities range from 4MB to 128MB today, MIDE is a perfect local storage solution for embedded systems, internet appliances, or industrial control applications.

2nd generation MIDE will be no more than the height of SIMM module, making low profile possible for single-board-computer including local data storage. The capacity will reach to 256MB in Q2/2000. With standard socket of IDE, the compatibility issue is minimal for those systems already have IDE support. High speed, high reliability, low power, compact size, and easy to plug to the systems make MIDE ideal where using hard disk is impractical. The IDE compatibility also makes software effort greatly reduced for system designers. Price of 8MB MIDE in volume will be as low as $20 by Q2/2000.

Pretec ( offers digital imaging solutions, and a complete spectrum of PC cards, small form factor cards/modules for the mobile computing market, and is the creator of innovative CompactI/OTM card for Palm-sized PC and AutoPCTM. Product offerings include digital still cameras, PC cameras, video cameras, memory/ solid-state disk, linear flash cards and flash drives/modules, communication, networking, and multimedia mobile peripherals.


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