Press Release 2010 Vol. 1
三 18, 2010
Press Release 2010 Vol. 1

Pretec Debuts " i-Disk Backpacker " - Character-based
USB Flash Drive of Original Design for Collectors

Taipei, Taiwan, March 18th, 2010 Pretec, creator of
world’s tiniest USB flash drive since 2002 and 1st waterproof,
fireproof, bulletproof USB flash drive since 2005,continues
its history of innovation by unveiling today “i-Disk
Backpacker,”– a character USB flash drive
based on
Pretec’s original design and story about a mysterious
planet traveler who comes to earth for adventures. Available
in 2GB-16GB, the spaceman-shaped USB flash drive
features a pure white, streamline design with a bonus
desktop wallpaper inside for users to download. Pretec also
kicked off a design contest with handsome rewards for
Taiwan’s college students to create their own dream
“Backpacker,” which could possibly become the next
generation of the Backpacker series.

Driven by the concept of making USB flash drive a
collectable item, i-Disk Backpacker has turned storage
technology into a critical element for a better life. The story
behind describes a nomad from the outer space landed on
earth where this unknown visitor must find out “something” in
order to return to the universe. Most interesting of all, every
time when Backpacker gains a special experience, there will
be a magical change on his body.

The appearance of i-Disk Backpacker is pure white color with
piano coating to create glossy effect, which expresses
simplicity and elegance in modern Scandinavian design. His
arms are also movable to make different poses or hold
accessories. The USB flash drive is placed in his backpack
so when it’s removed for use, i-Disk Backpacker remains an
adorable toy for collectors. To bring more value to collectors,
a bonus desktop wallpaper is stored in i-Disk Backpacker
USB flash drive for them to download. The package is a very
delicate book-leaf box for users to keep this product in good
condition. Available in 2GB-16GB, i-Disk Backpacker USB
flash drive is now available for shipment worldwide.

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