SDHC Class10

Designed to meet storage demands of high-quality video cameras and other image recording devices, Pretec’s SDHC Class10 memory cards now employ a new speed that delivers optimum performance with SDHC devices. Available from 4GB to 32GB, SDHC C10 guarantees to reach read/write over 10MB/s*when used in any compatible devices. It is most ideal for your mobile phones, digital cameras, DV, and many more portable devices.

 ●  Large capacity choices from 4GB to 32GB
 ●  Highest read/write speed over 10MB* per second
 ●  Compliant with SD2.0 specification 
 ●  Compatible with SDHC host devices only
 ●  Non-volatile solid-state; data is not lost when power is turned off 
 ●  Low power consumption

 *Speed performance may vary depending on different testing environments


SDHC Class10
Capacity Part No.
     4GB       SHSV04G
     8GB       SHSV08G
     16GB      SHSV16G
     32GB      SHSV32G