Rugged Industrial CF Card - Leopard series

PRETEC Leopard Series CompactFlash Card reaches the sequential Read/Write speed to up to 85/55MB/s* and comes with capacities from 8GB to 32GB. Compliant with ISA (Industrial Standard Architecture) bus interface standard, the CompactFlash Card performs sequential read/write for each sector (512 bytes) count. It uses MLC Nand Flash and provides industrial grade data retention. It also conforms to CompactFlash Specification and is designed with precision mechanics to enable host devices to read/write from the CompactFlash interface into Flash Media.

‧PC Card compliant:
Fully compatible with PCMCIA 2.1, PC Card ATA, CF3.0, CF4.1
‧PCMCIA ATA / IDE interface:
ATA command set compatible
Support for 8-bit or 16-bit host data transfer
‧Extremely rugged and reliable
   Advanced defect block management
   Support background erased operation
   Dynamic Wear-Leveling
‧Power cycling test passed 3.3/5 Volt power supply, very low power consumption
Internal self-diagnostic program operates at VCC power on
Auto sleep mode
‧Error Correcting of 4 bits random error per sector
‧3 variations of mode access:
Memory card mode
I/O card mode
True IDE mode
    - PIO Mode 6
    - UDMA mode 6
    - supported Multi word DMA Mode 4
‧Write protect function (Plastic frame)
Sustained read up to 85 MB/s
Sustained write up to 55 MB/s
‧Standard Op Temp. :0ºC ~ +70ºC
‧Extended Op Temp. : -40ºC ~ +85ºC

*The sequential read and write speed is based on internal testing. Actual transfer speed may vary depending on different testing environments.

Type I -40°C~85°C (metal housing)
Capacity Part No.
     8GB      CFL08G-HR
     16GB      CFL16G-HR
     32GB      CFL32G-HR

Type I -40°C~85°C (plastic housing)
Capacity Part No.
     8GB      CFL08G-HPP
     16GB      CFL16G-HPP
     32GB      CFL08G-HPP