Mini IDE Flash Disk Drive - Lynx

Pretec MIDE(Mini IDE) is a high reliability, high performance, low noise embedded solid state flash disk drive based on the standard PC IDE port. Pretec MIDE works as a normal IDE-based ATAPI hard disk drive and does NOT need any special driver or BIOS support. The DOM series are compatible with any computer board that features standard 40-pin / pitch 2.54mm of desktop / notebook type IDE connectors.

  • 40-pin
  • Performance: High transfer rate up to 35MB/s under UDMA 4 mode
  • Capacity: 256MB ~ 4GB
  • 100% compatible with IDE specification
  • Form-factor:  Reliable solution -Regular form with housing

Commercial Series (0°C~70°C)
Capacity Part No.
     256MB      MDL100256MA-C
     512MB      MDL100512MA-C
     1GB      MDL100001GA-C
     2GB      MDL100002GA-C
     4GB      MDL100004GA-C

Wide temp Series (-20°C~85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     256MB      MDL100256MA-L
     512MB      MDL100512MA-L
     1GB      MDL100001GA-L
     2GB      MDL100002GA-L
     4GB      MDL100004GA-L

Industrial Series (-40°C~85°C)
Capacity Part No.
     256MB      MDL100256MA-H
     512MB      MDL100512MA-H
     1GB      MDL100001GA-H
     2GB      MDL100002GA-H
     4GB      MDL100004GA-H