i-Disk Racingnut

●  A creative combination of USB flash drive & reusable racing nut
●  Made of Aluminum alloy7015, super lightweight, highly durable, recyclable
i-Disk Racingnut USB Flash Drive
Inspired by the racing car industry
Based on environmentally-friendly, reusable material
Pretec i-Disk Racingnut is a USB flash drive featuring a real lug
nut design utilizing a special material usually applied in the aeronautic and automotive field called “aluminum alloy7075,” due to its light weight and endurance for impact. Once a waste generated during the manufacturing process, this special material turns into an eco-friendly memory device with Pretec’s creativity and technology.
i-Disk Racingnut is able to provide users an extreme, cool image of car racing games yet still is a highly secure data storage device.
What is a Racingnut?
A racing nut is a fastener used to secure
a wheel on a vehicle. It varies in different
colors to match with the wheels. It is light
weighted and highly durable, perfect for
racing and street applications.

●  Accessory:key ring
●  Capacity:4GB, 8GB, 16GB 
    (4GB / 8GB for special gift package)
●  Compliant with USB 1.0/2.0
●  O/S Support:ME/2000/XP/Vista、Windows 7 ; Mac 10.x ; Linux 2.4 and above

i-Disk Racingnut(Red)
Capacity Part No.
     4GB      RAN04G-R
     8GB      RAN08G-R
     16GB      RAN16G-R

i-Disk Racingnut(Blue)
Capacity Part No.
     4GB      RAN04G-B
     8GB      RAN08G-B
     16GB      RAN16G-B

i-Disk Racingnut(Red-Special Gift)
Capacity Part No.
     4GB      RAN04G-RG
     8GB      RAN08G-RG

i-Disk Racingnut(Blue-Special Gift)
Capacity Part No.
     4GB      RAN04G-BG
     8GB      RAN08G-BG

Description Language OS Size File Release Date Memo
i-Disk Racingnut EDM English --- 971.34 KB 一 25, 2011