i-Disk Pocket - Kanner

●  Include an exclusive clip of the movie “When Love Comes”
●  Card-sized, 1.9mm only


What is the Kanner Foundation of Taiwan? ( )?
The Kanner Foundation of Taiwan was established on Oct.2004 with the mission to help more autistic patients and their families to achieve sufficient medical resources. To make these autistic friends acceptable by the general public, the Kanner Foundation of Taiwan decided to replace the name “Autism” with “Kanner syndrome,” hoping that people would reach out to them with a more positive attitude.

Why does Pretec work with the Kanner Foundation of Taiwan?
It started with donations from a few Pretec staff before the company decided to fully support the foundation. Unlike many other large charity organizations, the Kanner Foundation of Taiwan has been working independently and quietly in helping the autistic families but still requires external resources to meet their expansion needs. Beginning from 2009, Pretec not only made corporate donations but also kicked off a product program to promote the young kanner artists. Their paintings are smartly combined with Pretec’s pocket size USB flash drives and nicely packaged for selling. All the profits will be donated back to the foundation as their long-term income support.

Pretec vs the Golden Horse Award Winning Film
- i-Disk Pocket-Kanner includes an exclusive short clip of “When Love Comes,” the Golden Horse Award accredited movie directed by Director Chang. The movie talks about a young autistic patient talented in painting but difficult in interpersonal

●  Dimension:83.6mm(L) x 52.0mm(W) x3.1mm(H)
●  Compliant with USB 2.0/1.1
●  OS support:Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7;Mac10.x;Linux2.4 and above

i-Disk Pocket-Kanner(The Way Back Home)
Capacity Part No.
     2GB      ST2U02G-KAN-M
     4GB      ST2U04G-KAN-M
     8GB      ST2U08G-KAN-M

i-Disk Pocket-Kanner(Night Owl)
Capacity Part No.
     2GB      ST2U02G-KAN-O
     4GB      ST2U04G-KAN-O
     8GB      ST2U08G-KAN-O

Description Language OS Size File Release Date Memo
i-Disk Pocket - Kanner EDM English --- 913.22 KB 一 25, 2011
i-Disk Pocket - Kanner EDM2 Chinese --- 920.00 KB 一 25, 2011